Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well, my site has turned 100 today. Not years, but hits on my site hit counter (courtesy www.tinycounter.com). And I know at least 2 of those hits were made by people other than me. Let me press F5 a few more time, and we'll be celebrating 200 hits tomorrow, bwahaha.

Along with a counter, I have added a Guestbook and a chat. Pretty redundant, I know, but please post your comments! No matter how useless they are please post them!

I just bought Segate’s 400GB External HDD to go with my spanking new XPS M1710 laptop. Was floating in a haze of gadgetitis induced euphoria, when my friends brought me down to earth, ‘What on earth are you going to do with 400 GB ?’, they asked. A very valid question, indeed, but where does logic figure in my gadget obsessed brain? I firmy believe that Logic, is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence. I know 400GB can be overwhelming to keep in order, especially for a creature who stills own a PC with a 2 GB hard drive, but I pledge (as I do each time I buy a new hard drive) to follow the 3 Commandments for the HDD owner –
Com 1 – Partition, Partition, Partition
Com 2 – Sort thy porn as soon as thou downloadeth it.
Com 3 – When in doubt, Delete!

Well, this purchase should tide me over the next few days. Or rather, I’ll have to give my empty wallet time to recover, before I start eyeing that High Definition camcorder I’ve been drooling over.

I don’t recall if anyone has framed this particular Murphy’s law, but it must be one of the truest–
A gadget increases in price, popularity and drool value till the time one
purchases it, after which it goes on sale, the company releases a newer version
with twice as many capabilities, the price falls yet some more, and every Tom,
Dick and Susie can be seen with one. Finally, they begin giving it free, in
cereal boxes.
It may be a bit long, but I have yet to disprove it. Sometimes I despair…

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  1. Nagraj3:21 AM

    The "Revised" Murphy law is so darn true... and can't agree more with you on that!


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