Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jurassic Bark.
So I was invited to this super secret gene lab a few days back. They were all like, "Lets make squid - dog hybrids and clone Hitler but with a handlebar moustache' an' stuff". And these geeks have actually pulled a Michael Crichton and extracted a batch of preserved dino genes and bunged it into a lizard shake and... hey presto! Instant Dinosaur! Naturally, they had to invite me, coz I'm the King of everything. Do I detect scepticism ??? Have a look at this video then. And don't mind the kids at the sides.. They were later chopped up for dino fodder. Mmmmm Children....

Ok so they are'nt real 'saurs. This is actually the Museum of Natural History's latest exhibit. Visited it while I was in London the other day. This must be my n'th visit to London, and I finally got to see Westminister Abbey. Was most interested in Newton's monument as shown in the Da Vinci Code, but they had roped off that area and I had to peer at it from afar.

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