Friday, August 04, 2006

Its Friday, and we're finally getting a break from all the heat of last month. Its cloudy and windy here in Norwich, and one would think I would be outside enjoying it all. Well, one would be wrong; I'm stuck in a poorly ventilated office and my eyes are drooping shut every minute.

Well, this has been a month of running into long lost friends. First, as from the dead, one of my mates from Kota, Rajasthan scraps me on Orkut ( If you're not on the Orkut bandwagon, you gotta get on - even an antisocial animal like me finds it useful. Then I find my classmates from Nainital on And finally, I run into my undergratuate college mates from Coimbatore on orkut and ymessenger again.

Finally, for all you kiddies out there interested in Physics, machines... or just fooling around, check out . Its pretty interesting, and you can build your own machines. It get my Site of the Day award (or Site of the week, depending on how often I blog, haha)

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