Monday, August 07, 2006

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a mighty locomotive. Able to emblazon the word “Dick” across your forehead using her laser-beam vision? Well, would'nt we all love a girlfriend like that! The topic in question is the movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which I'm just back from seeing. It was a compromise between my choice - The Break Up, and my mate's - Miami Vice. Yes, thats right; I'd rather watch Aniston than Farell. And no, I'm not gay. At least thats what my shrink told me, haha.

I have mixed feeling about Super Ex; it's definitely not a memorable movie, but worth a watch. Uma Thurman is G-Girl (however did they come up with that name), a neurotic super hero who is jilted by a on the rebound Architect, Luke Wilson.

Uma puts on a good show; she's intense, psychotic and vunerable at the same time. I am really starting to become a fan, though I never really paid attention to her in the past.

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