Friday, December 07, 2007


Some times you just gotta go, 'WTF!'. I mean, if you're in a disc, dancing with a girl, and this guy come up and licks your ear, the only phrase which sums things up to a t is wtf (pronounced WHAATHUFF). No, no, that didn't happen to me, that was just a hypothetical illustration.

Wtf covers so many emotions, from anger (WTF dude) to that feeling... I SAID it was a HYPOTHETICAL situation!... that feeling of incredulous bemusement like whenever David Hasselhoff makes a cameo in a movie .. or even fear (OMG WTF! What has Rosie O'donell done to her faaace) or when you watch the trailer for Teeth.

In fact the only emotion that wtf does not sum up is that of loving condescension. Go on, try it.

Well I was gonna post some WTF links, but I'm posting this from office... on sunday.. after 12 hours of work, and I just can't be bothered.

And I know what you are gonna say...


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