Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Cliffs of Insanity

Well here is just a little sample of what goes on on a typical day in IRCLand. Warning - the conversation below may contain excessive vulgarity, obscene perversions and even references to George Bush. In fact, dont read it. especially if you work with me or are related. Or if you know me even.

I'm CENSORING the rest of this! ..
[r34en]little britain.. what's that all about
[evil-inc]Something about being the only gay in the village
[evil-inc]I figured you'd be able to relate to it.
* Evil-Inc chuckles
[r34en]no I cant :/
[r34en]there are lots of gays in norwich
[evil-inc]I'll tell you what I don't get
[evil-inc]The Kumars At Number 42.
[evil-inc]What the hell is that all about?
[r34en]eh dont ask me
[evil-inc]I thought you'd know. Being Indian and all.
[r34en]second gen desis are all a bit crazy imo
[r34en]at least it's not big brother
[evil-inc]I've never seen that crap.
[evil-inc]Although I did watch the clips with Shilpa Shetty.
[evil-inc]That was funny.
[r34en]I watched it about 4 years back
* spyoct77 has joined #brighton
* ChanServ sets mode: +o spyoct77
[r34en]when I had come here for the first time
[r34en]fascinated what people would watch
[r34en]and what rat crazy people got in that house
[r34en]Shetty even
[r34en]'I am the Angelina Jolie of Bollywood'
[rachel]shit, i just knocked the speaker off the desk and now it sounds like its inside a plastic bag
[rachel]and it hit the lamp transformer and now that wont turn on
[evil-inc]What were you doing?
* Evil-Inc looks at Rachel suspiciously.
[r34en]though I have to say she is hot.. as long as she puts a bag over her head and a ball gag in her mouth
[evil-inc]Seems as though you saw a penis.
[evil-inc]lol Viren.
[r34en]pls to keep a safe distance from electronics while wanking
[r34en]Rachel.. stop it!
[r34en]enough damage for one day
[r34en]I once broke a chair wanking
[r34en]once = yesterday :/
[r34en]nearly took out the table too
[evil-inc]wow. Now thats one story I don't want to hear.
* Rachel changes topic to 'welcome to #Brighton 2(120202:124602:124202) [01@Rachel] i am always curious to see penises. [@r34en] I once broke a chair wanking'
[spyoct77]really rachel?:)
[evil-inc]Tanks!? WHERE?
[r34en]eh thanks even
[r34en]you think shes away wanking... and she's just waiting to topic you :/
[evil-inc]She's sneaky like that
[spyoct77]i never knew rachel was so curious:)
[r34en]not in your's spyoct77
[spyoct77]in whos?:)
[spyoct77]you broke a chair?
[r34en]what gave you that idea
[spyoct77]its written in the topic
* r34en edges towards the door
[r34en]oh rachel lies
[evil-inc]He nearly took the table down as well
[spyoct77]must be in the guinness book of records
[r34en]i'm not in the mood for this shit.. esp after sitting on this fucking hard chair off the dining table
[evil-inc]Your moms in the guinnes book of records.
[evil-inc](Sorry, I couldn't resist)
[spyoct77]i never mentioned family members
[evil-inc]I know. I did.
[spyoct77]not nice
[r34en]yes Evil-Inc.. why you mention the family members?
[evil-inc]I'll make sure I punish myself
[r34en]you a bad lil boy
[r34en]spyoct77.. where are you from?
[r34en]WHO are you?
[spyoct77]island of malta -europe
[evil-inc]or..what are you?
[evil-inc]Oh I know Malta.
[r34en]oh I'll stop fishing... are you female, hot, and willing to shag me?
[r34en]or any two of those?
[evil-inc]Hot and willing to shag him will do
[evil-inc]You don't have to be female.
[r34en]yeah Awais knows ALL about that
[spyoct77]oh im not saying what i am:)
[r34en]what species even?
[evil-inc]I know nothing.
[evil-inc]I'm only going by what you're saying.
[r34en]I'm coming there soon... get lubed up and ready
[spyoct77]where r u lot from?:)
[spyoct77]thought u were american
[r34en]He is
[r34en]I'm more Russian
[evil-inc]On the Inside.
[evil-inc]lol Viren
[spyoct77]what languages do u speak?
[r34en]um.. not english obviously
[r34en]I speak Indian
[evil-inc]I speak Pakistani
[spyoct77]i can speak english italian french maltese
[r34en]ah a linguist
[spyoct77]cant speak ur languages:)
[r34en]for shame
[r34en]soon the whole world will be speaking Indian or Pakistani
[r34en]we guys are breeding like crazy tryong to make it happen soon
[spyoct77]first world language is english , then french/spanish , italian
[r34en]chinese imo
[r34en]or rather mandarin
[spyoct77]chinese maybe
[evil-inc]Yeah, plus we're sending people all over the world. To cross breed.
[evil-inc]Soon, we'll take over the world.
[r34en]yeah.. any news from our embassy in Malta?
[spyoct77]no trouble over here :)
[r34en]oh.. there'll be trouble in a couple of months, trust me
[spyoct77]foreigners r all welcome
[evil-inc]You'll soon regret saying that.
[spyoct77]u mean cause of religions?
[r34en]foreigners? who's a foreigner?
[r34en]are YOU a foreigner Evil?
[evil-inc]Everyones a foreigner to someone.
[r34en]got that off a fortune cookie?
[r34en]ask for your money back
[evil-inc]It was free.
[spyoct77]so in ur country u had richard gere and that model on the news?
[r34en]which model?
[evil-inc]Not in my country.
[r34en]the hamster?
[evil-inc]Gere is scared to come here.
[spyoct77]i forgot her name
[spyoct77]he kissed her on stage
[evil-inc]Shilpa Shetty?
[spyoct77]yeah thats her
[r34en]no he means the gerbil
[r34en]it was an Indian gerbil
[spyoct77]she took part on big brother
[evil-inc]I'd kiss a gerbil on the stage.
[evil-inc]Not an Indian gerbil!
[r34en]i think his relationship with it went more than kissing
[spyoct77]indian girls r nice
[r34en]no they're not
[r34en]they dont shave
[evil-inc]The cute ones do.
[spyoct77]neither legs?
[spyoct77]well at least they do that:)
[r34en]when I want to see how I'd look with a beard, I just get the nearest girl to stand upside down in front of the mirror, and put my chin between her legs
[spyoct77]why dont they shave there?
[r34en]its a religious thing
[spyoct77]well who would know if they did
[r34en]when it grows long enough, they make it into pigtails and dye it orange to honour the great saint Rajnikant
[r34en]spyoct77.. why did you laugh?
[spyoct77]i never heard of such things
[r34en]are you making fun of my religion?
[spyoct77]but they dye it orange
[r34en]it seems you are
[r34en]plus they make great handles
[spyoct77]r u serious?:)
[r34en]do you have an issue with that?
[r34en]again with the laughter
[spyoct77]never read about these things ur saying:)
[spyoct77]whats ur religion?
[r34en]well we dont write about pigtails OBVIOUSLY
[r34en]I'm Indian
[spyoct77]not nationality
[r34en]my religion is Indian.. I speak Indian.. thats what I am and that's what I do
[evil-inc]His religion is Sachin Tendulkarism
[spyoct77]ah ok
[spyoct77]im catholic
[evil-inc]I hear catholic chicks put out.
[evil-inc]Is that true?
[r34en]in my country we're scared of catholics
[spyoct77]nah not true
[evil-inc]lol r34en
[r34en]we are scared they'll steal our shadows
[spyoct77]we have all religions in my country
[spyoct77]we are friendly with all:)
[r34en]is it true you can kill people and suck their souls by throwing water at them?
[spyoct77]its false
[r34en]are you sure
[r34en]or are you not allowed to tell these secrets to non catholics?
[luis]viren, im catholic, and my spatula still [3s]He's just learning about her religion
[r34en]his imo
[r34en]luis.. but you are different
[spyoct77]catholics dont harm other religions
[rachel]the only women in this channel are me and bonnie (then erika, susan and katherine when she comes in)
[r34en]I yearn for your catholic ass
[rachel]oh gawd.
[r34en]man we should that whole conv
[rachel]man love.
[spyoct77]what religion r u Rachel?
[r34en]shes a nympho
[evil-inc]She's a mormon
[rachel]i am a buddhist paul.
[rachel]when i am not also a nympho and a moron, apparently.
[r34en]same thing
[spyoct77]mormons can marry more than one woman
[rachel]oh and i misread that too.
[r34en]thats it I'm converting
[spyoct77]mormoms started off after american civil war , many women were left without husbans so one man would have to satisfy a whole lot
[r34en]In India if a woman looks at a man who's not her husband, her pigtails are tied togetherr
[spyoct77]who ties them,?
[r34en]the village elders
[spyoct77]do they practice circumcision there too?
[r34en]and she can only be free if she can get the family goat to eat them off
[r34en]went off on a tangent there
[r34en]circumcision is Evil's thing
[spyoct77]so many religions and many traditions
[spyoct77]in malta we r mostly catholic
[r34en]oh okay
[r34en]so are you married?
[r34en]you are kept, teg
[spyoct77]not married yet
[evil-inc]rofl viren
[r34en]I'm married to my religion
[tingteg]kept WELL
[tingteg]mind you
[evil-inc]O RLY?
[evil-inc]When was the last time you got some?
[r34en]we are not allwed to marry
[r34en]nor masturbate
[spyoct77]u cant drink alcohol?
[r34en]no we can drink lots of alcohol
[r34en]how do you think we keep from wanking like crazed mountain goats?
[spyoct77]God Bless u all
[r34en]you leaving :/
[tingteg]god would have to bless me a lot to make up for my heathenism
[r34en]I wanted to ask how you cast out deamons wiht your cross
[r34en]coz I wanted teg out of this channel
* tingteg has left #brighton

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