Monday, May 14, 2007

My Hobgoblin will go on and on...

Just back from spiderman 3, and I'm wishing I could spin a web or punch a hole through a wall or something. That would sure come in handy, though I guess I may not be superhero material. Hell, I'm not even supervillian material, though I do practice my maniac laugh in front of the mirror everyday. I'm just not bad enough (though I'm sure there's may who would disagree), but neither can I be Mr. Goody-two-shoes. I do however have a talent; I can bitch and whine and moan almost nonstop till people start hurling and throwing themselves off skyscrapers.

Now THAT'S a talent.

Now I, personally, liked Spiderman 3. My friends however, did wonder if it was Spiderman or The Titanic. I guess they did overdo the mush a bit. This time around, the moral of the movie was, 'You always have a choice'. Sounds like a pick-up line destined to fail.

I submit this link now - Ladder Theory. The Ladder theory may just be that fabled 'Theory of Everything' (or just the theory of everything that counts). So if you're a non-handsome, non-rich, male nerd, do visit. It may just lead you to nirvana. (If you think you're a handsome, rich, non-nerdy male, then you can visit too, as you're obviously deluded). And if you're female, feel free to stalk me and throw death threats wrapped round bricks through my window.

No points for guessing which ladder I invariably end up on.
I came across this site,, which uses images to map your personality and creates a sorta visual DNA for you (check my sidebar). After selecting a number of images, it did some sorta analysis and came back to tell me that my personality is that of a Dreamer. Now, I gotta agree with this, as I have always been the kind of guy whose head will be in the clouds. Hell, my feet are usually in the clouds too.


  1. HI viren...this is vicky here n i just showed your blog to your grandpa...he enjoyed it alot...had a few laughs tooo!!!!

  2. Hey Viren, never knew you blogged. But came here anyways. Now hoing through the Ladder Theory and

    Will catch you later.

  3. Come back Viren. You haven't been here since ages!!!

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Nice post... Looks like solid-state memory is finally starting to take off. Hopefully we'll start seeing decreasing SSD prices in the near future. Five dollar 32 GB Micro SD Cards for your DS flash card... imagine that!

    (Submitted by R4Net for R4i Nintendo DS.)


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