Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Horrorful Hallowe'en

Muahaha it's Hallowe'en again, and its time for me to unfurl my Bat wings, bare my fangs and let my pent up rage loose again. Or perhaps I can just put on a set of cheesy plastic fangs and scare little girls (my friends will tell me I don’t need the extra fangs).
I read somewhere that the most popular costume was that of a princess. A Princess?? What has Halloween come to? And of course the staple fare of vampires, Frankensteins, and ghosts has become way passé. How about these monsters ?
Creature - Culture
Hai-uru - African
Raktabija - Indian
Chindis - Navajo
Golem - Jewish
Chupacabra - Puerto Rican, Mexican
Jinn - Islamic
Banshees - Irish
Ghouls - Arabic
Windigo - Cree and Ojibwa
Read more abt them here
Well, I have another halloweeny tale, one which occurred quite some time before Halloween, which makes it all the more funny. Saujanya, Gaurav and I had taken a bus out to PCWorld to search for laptop cases (which we didn’t really find), and on the way back we popped into an Asda we had never visited before. Well this Asda had a Halloween section and we found a mask which was absolutely hilarious. We were literally rolling in the aisles, tears streaming down our faces. So we bought the masks, and Gaurav put it on, and stood by the road with his thumb out pretending to be trying to hitch a ride, while I and Sauji were in paroxysms of mirth. I’m sure that unsuspecting drivers felt thay had suddenly entered an episode of The Twilight Zone. We caught the bus back (it was a Double Decker) and Gaurav sat right in front with the mask on. People were staring and pointing, and I’m sure that Gaurav was especially pleased when a whole gaggle of girls exiting a nightclub started pointing at him and screaming and laughing.
An addendum to this is that a few days later Gaurav visited our friend Prashanth's house. Now Prashanth has a young daughter Nitika. Well Gaurav, decided it would be a blast if he wore his mask, and so he put it on and when the opened the door, he peeped in. Besides sending Prashant and his wife into hysterics, Nitika took one look at Gaurav and started crying. Gaurav told us later (a little proudly I feel) that Nitika kept crying for the next hour. To which our obvious response was, 'Thank god you wore the mask. If she saw your real face she would have cried the whole night!'.
Have a look at the mask below - (click on it to get the full view)

For my faithful readers, I have a few ghoulish pictures, most courtesy http://www.deviantart.com/ (which is a really excellent site for graphically minded people like me).

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